Rabu, April 21, 2010

Kartini Day 2008

Berikut ini adalah foto-foto perayaan Hari Kartini 2008 di sekolah. Dengan catatan, foto-foto ini kutemukan di komputer teachers' room. Aku belum bergabung bekerja di sini.

Personally I felt so excited to find these pictures, to see my students wearing traditional clothes.

I understand how my fellow feminists dislike the idea of celebrating Kartini Day by wearing those traditional clothes. This is really downgrading Kartini's struggle to get equal chance to pursue education for women into JUST wearing traditional clothes. While in fact, what Kartini fought was not to wear such clothes.

However, when finding these pictures below, I considered it something 'important' because I viewed it from different perspective -> to make students know kinds of traditional clothes in Indonesia, to give them a chance to wear them because I believe that they would not rather wear them in their daily life. LOL. Wearing such outfit is not wrong isn't it? although it is for commemorating Kartini Day? Of course as long as we tell the students the essence of celebrating Kartini Day is to encourage women that they deserve to get the exactly same chance with men to pursue education, to choose any profession they desire.

And I expect that next year the school will do something to celebrate Kartini Day, and the students are to go to school by wearing various kinds of traditional clothes in Indonesia. They are graceful and beautiful, aren't they? :)

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