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Chinese Foot-binding

From my post in this topic at Chinese foot-binding versus European corset wearing I got one very intriguing, though somewhat shocking link here

A Taiwanese doctor -- the so-called respected expert in foot-binding -- was interviewed about this in-fact-secretly-hidden fact in Chinese culture. He -- and perhaps also with many other contemporary men at his age or older -- found bound foot the most important sex appeal in women; even a lot more sexier than a woman's genital organ. He has thousand pictures and knick-knack of this stuff in his house. In short, he said that a woman's bound feet were so erotic that she would cover them in order that public would not be able to see them. A woman would even choose to be photographed naked but still wear her tiny feet. Men in his era would very much be aroused only to see a tiny shoe, and not so much when seeing naked breast or vagina.

For this reason then many mothers would rather make their daughters cry when binding their feet to get a lotus shape in order that they would not see their daughters cry in the future because they would not be wanted to be men's wives. As a result, since women could not do many household chores, men -- from not so rich families -- would work like slaves as long as they had wives with lotus-shaped feet.

For further reading, just click the link here .

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